miércoles, 27 de diciembre de 2017

Old-fashioned thoughts in New Year's Eve

So, I have been thinking a lot about what is going to happen this december 31 in the family dinner.
I'd like to say that it would be a really nice dinner with all of our loved ones but... no. Sorry Anne but it's not gonna be a good night, at least not for you.

 Don't misunderstand me I love my family with every little tiny piece of my heart they're not the problem (well, maybe a little). The problem resides in their thoughts.

This year my two brother in-law will be attending to the party, oh and my new sister-in-law.
And who is going to be the only single person in the house? Yes, you got me.
Comments like "when are you gonna bring a boyfriend? how old are you? almost twenty? why are you still single? are you lesbian? Maybe the next year you're married" will be bothering me all night, because it never stops till I go to bed.

Ugh. Stupid people. 

This is a thing that I repite myself every New Years Eve: "You don't need a man" but my family make it look like that's not true. 
I fell in love twice, I never said nothing to those boys because I'm too shy. But I've never felt like I can't live without a man (only in new years party haha) 
I mean in my pyramid there are other things I always put on the top, like my career (always), books, my dreams of traveling, my hobbies, someone understand me?
 I'm not desperate to fall in love, I always say that it will happen when it's time
BUT my family always makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. They look at me with sadness, like if I'm nothing without a man. 
And it makes me deeply sad because I don't even know myself entirely well enough like to meet someone else. 
I hate this feeling, I'm happy with my life right now, I hate that they throw their stupid, outdated and old fashioned thoughts on me.

Thank you for reading. 

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  1. Ni deberías contestar esas estúpidas preguntas! Que cansancio
    Que la gente piense que uno no puede estar soltera o disfrutar de eso!
    Feliz año
    ya pasó la cena espero estés mejor!